Sunday, 5 June 2011

Epic tale, epic scale

Live illustration at Ejector Seat Arts Festival. I set myself the task of illustrating the entire of Homer's Odyssey in one day, and on one piece of paper - an epic tale in epic scale. 7 hours of continuous drawing, ten metres x 1.5 metres of paper. Really lovely to hear such an ancient story being talked about.It was SO fun, I got incredibly inky and got some really good responses from festival goers - here are my favourites.

Don't read it, it's too long
You've inspired me, got my paints in my bag, I'm gonna go home and draw.
Do you think the cyclops is evil, or just a hungry oaf?
I can remember it...the vessel pulled into port with its sails puffed out where's that bit then?
What is this? Cause I look at it, and I dunno.
Where is the nearest Starbucks?
Oh wow it's a STORY!
Thank you for showing us.

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