Thursday, 10 November 2011


 This is a book I made about four years ago in A Level art which I have just rediscovered in the dust of my hard drive.  It began as a children's science book about viruses and bacteria, and turned into a book about the City. I covered it with the financial times and cut through to the images and words below. The microscope becomes Lloyds of London and the workers going up in the lifts are 'many very little, living animacules, very prettily a-moving' which is the first recorded description of bacteria observed through a microscope! There was poetry in science for sure. Some pages are overheard conversations in the city. The drawings and type are super ropey. But it was nice to find that I am still fascinated and interested in exactly the same things as I was at school. Loitering around listening to people and imagining them as germs.

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