Thursday, 8 April 2010


The week before last I went to Berlin on a graphics and illustration trip. It was amazing, we visited brilliant illustrators and designers who said mostly good things, we saw bears, we went swing dancing at a gypsy ballroom, pingponging with dr. pong and up the tv tower with an american called erica. I think I want to move to Berlin.

Here is a drawing of the Reichstag. It's on the back of a very nice big old circus poster I found in the street, the poster is bigger than A1, kind of corrugated plasticy material so you can push ink all over it, it was pleasing to work on. I did feel guilt becuase after I picked it up I realised it had probably been a homeless persons bed, but by this time I had lugged it all the way down the very long Avenue to the Reichstag and I thought I may as well make use of it.

It almost folds down into 8 12" squares.

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