Saturday, 2 January 2010

I have fallen a long way

An aside to yesterday's post: last year's Christmas project was on the subject of Tradition. My final piece is this sampler using an excerpt from Sylvia Plath's Moon and the Yew Tree. I've always been quite interested in needlework and crafts, but never really put it into practice - I'm not sure if I have the patience. I saw making this sampler as a traditional skill, but the words are not twee sampler fare, though they are beautiful. I thought about it as the creation of a typeface, too. I love type. I love type so much I decided halfway through that the square O's I'd been sewing were ugly, and I unpicked it and did it all again using diagonals. It took a very long time, and I watched the French film Cous Cous while I did it. I didn't enjoy Cous Cous very much - it had some very good scenes, like a ten minute long belly dance, but I found the ending unfulfilling. Films and books that just cut leaving the story untold, or any uncertainty about what will happen next, leave me feeling very unsatisfied.

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