Wednesday, 7 October 2009

In the beginning

Now I'm going to use this more.

I've just started my degree in Illustration and Animation at Kingston University, really excited about everything at the moment.

On Fridays I have a self directed drawing project. I'm going to Laban dance institue in Greenwich, drawing dance classes. It's a fantastic building - designed by Herzog and de Meuron who did tate mod - with translucent walls with colour overlays that give the studios inside beautiful green and blue backlighting. It's also a real warren of glass and lime green walls and industrial staircases. Last Friday I sat in a class by Jonathan Stone, who does shows with his brother all around the world based on invented language. Sitting in front of thrity people energetically conversing in made up language whilst walking in step was a bizarre experience but quite amazing. Looking forward to going back this Friday.

drawing of workshop where students had to work in small circles conversing instinctively in gesture

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